The Case For Case Insensitivity

I have no problems about case sensitivity. It’s likely because I’ve spent so much time on *nix that it doesn’t matter to me, but recently a friend – a SQL Server DBA-of-many-other-hats made a slight gripe about it over lunch. She was almost apologetic about supporting case insensitivity, and as simple as that its, it bothered me because I really had no defense for case sensitivity other than I’m used to it.

In fact, I’m still the guy who cringes when he sees a single character variable – the infamous ‘i’ in loops because it’s a pain to grep code for that. For my sanity, please use ‘ii’.

I googled around this morning because I was trying to better understand her perspective, and voila – Coding Horrors covered case sensitivity issues well back in 2005.

Yes. It’s bad on Productivity. I have to admit that. I’m pretty disciplined about it, but yes… I see it now.

So, yes, while I’m used to case sensitivity, I grok why it is an issue… it’s just been sort of a thorn in my hand I have grown used to.

Fortunately I’m not a complete idiot and don’t cherish it.



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