The Switch to

WordPress LogoA little over a week into it, and a few posts down, I can say that I can give some form of review on using As someone who has been running his own Drupal sites for over a decade, and as someone who just wants to log in and write when I have the time…

Yeah, this is so much less masochistic. The entire backend of the blog is straightforward and doesn’t require layers of documentation (or a decade of experience) to understand. It doesn’t do all the things I was doing with custom modules with the Drupal sites.

Here’s the thing. The amount of management per feature is much more manageable than running my own Drupal site. This is not a ringing endorsement of WordPress over Drupal, but it is one for my particular use case.

Updates automatically go to my social media sites. It took me all of 14 minutes to set that up, and it took that long because I change my passwords and sometimes forget them.

All in all – $99 well spent.




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