Why Windows 10 Means Linux for Me.

An update / upgrade is available for your [linux / windows / mac] computer...via @stickycomicsWindows 10 is a scary beast. Forget the ‘keylogger’ issue, which has been exaggerated, but instead all the fun things that Microsoft is doing with it.

They don’t log everything. A minor blessing if you accept logging, but a travesty if you really don’t want to be logged at all. I’m firmly entrenched in the ‘mind your own business’ camp.
There are very real issues, though. Some examples:
  • Oh, you didn’t want to download Windows 10 update? Well, you did. That was your bandwidth. That’s your hard drive space.
  • There is some sort of bittorrent-ish functionality, which means your machine – and by proxy your bandwidth – will be distributing Microsoft Updates. That might be OK, but I’d wager that the larger organizations aren’t going to turn this on so your plebian system will be feeding the corporate need for updates. So nice of you to subsidize them. How very socialist of you, my proprietary conservatives.
  • Oh, you didn’t want to download Windows 10 update? Well, you did. That was your bandwidth. That’s your hard drive space.
  • All major operating systems have been approached to have a back door into their systems. Linux confirmed this revelation by Wikileaks (yes, I have mixed feelings about Wikileaks, but this is not the forum). Apple and Microsoft have been quiet about it.
  • By default, your system shares your Wi-fi password with your social media friends. Yeah, read it again. Scary, right? Someone thought that sharing that password with your friends would make for a feature since they might want to come over and use your wifi… which, I suppose, is benign enough, but it also means your wi-fi password exists… outside of your system, where you can’t control it.
  • You get your very own advertising ID which allows you to be tracked across websites. It seems benign enough until you start seeing the results in your digital footprint.
  • Updates? You can’t turn them off. You either download and install, or download and install later. You lose that control over your system. Skip an update? Good luck. This is a big issue for those of us that may be using elder software, or who write software for a living. I saw it in the days of NT 4.0 right up. Nasty business, this.
  • Microsoft, and by proxy anyone who can tell Microsoft what to do (you know, Government) has the capacity to keep you from using websites.
  • Default child monitoring apparently happens… and through social media connections, determines who the parent is. This is a silly thing that I imagine COPPA will have to contend with, should any parent run into an issue with this. 13 years old, Microsoft, 13 years old – and you can’t determine that 100% reliably with software or data on the internet.
  • the ‘We don’t like the software you’re using so we will remove them’. Disguised as anti-piracy, legitimate use of software is threatened and opens up some serious monopolization issues that maybe Microsoft forgot about…
  • Old games may just stop working because of the copy protection mechanism having lost support.
  • Performance sucks from all accounts when it comes to frame rates. Windows 10 brags about frame rates, but it stutters and freezes at times.

So… yeah, I think it’s time for me to get off the Windows platform once I’m done with the sole Windows 7 system I have. Everything else is Linux or Android. Sure, I can work on Windows at work, but at home… my house, my rules.

Not, “my house, Microsoft rules”.



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