The Internet of Trivial And Big Data

Panel: The Internet of Things Revolution - Functional, Usable, Wearable (AppsWorld London Notes)Sanjay points out some of the issues related to the Internet of Things.

Myself? I’ve been mocking it for some time because I remember the whole ‘Web2.0’ fad. What is the Internet of things other than Web3.0? And like Web2.0, most of it is crap. Complete, utterly useless, crap. It comes disguised as useful, like an infomercial product.

And some of the utterly useless crap for you is just an invasion of a privacy that you didn’t even know you had.

Which, of course, is part of the problem with big data anyway. Target could tell someone was pregnant (really), but what is the actual value of that? So that someone can sell baby stuff to people who don’t know that they are pregnant yet? The odds of women doing that does seem slim, but I’ll be the first to admit I don’t understand women. I have references.

Last weekend, I was coughing. My Amazon Echo might have been listening -what are the odds that my Amazon Kindle would start showing ads for Mucinex?

Wow. Targeted advertising, right? Awesome, right? Some people might think so, but here’s the crap part of that ‘awesome’. Am I going to order Mucinex from Or, if I needed it, wouldn’t I go somewhere that I could get it immediately?

If IoT means being sick for an entire day while waiting for Amazon to drop off some drugs in my mailbox is about as Darwinian as you can get. I’m sorry, that’s just pretty dumb.

When you get down to it, what’s this ‘hook anything up to the Internet’ really going to do? It’s going to make some people quite rich. That’s about all. The odds are good you’re not going to be one of them.

When you can use technology to do useful things, I’m game. And that’s why you don’t read much about IoT here.

If you must do IoT related stuff, have the good sense to read Sanjay’s article.

Over about 20 years, Sanjay Pande has remained one of the best tech friends whose hand I have never shook.



2015 Tech Notes

As slaves to an annual tradition based on an arbitrary date decided by someone else long ago, lots of people are going to say lots of things about last year…  Might as well say, “Hail Caesar”, really…

So, 2015.

As far as technology, a few cool things leap to my mind.

  • Google was kind enough to give us TensorFlow, for numerical computation. Of course, it’s all apparently Olde Python (2.7 I think) instead of 3.x.
  • I got an Amazon Echo. I coughed a few times last weekend. My kindle showed me Mucinex advertising. Coincidence? I think not. Do I like it? It’s OK, but I’m finding the flaws a few weeks into it. More on that another time. Still, it’s a nice platform for content delivery.
  • Pine64 is coming along nicely, and I’ll be getting my 10 somewhere before April. The partnership with PicoCluster LLC may make my life a little easier so I can focus on the fun stuff. Building clusters is kinda boring after you do it a few times. You can still back the Pine64, and I encourage you to do so.
  • OK, the retro gaming Pi is cool. Mainly because I’m growing old and nostalgic while accepting my future as a curmudgeon.  Get off my lawn.
  • Neural networks are getting increasing attention and investment, as has clustering. You wonder why I’m playing with this stuff? Wise men perceive approaching things.

The rest is all pretty much crap to me, and even the Echo and the retro gaming Pi are at least close to that category but appeal to me anyway.

I have no predictions for 2016. I’m not overly excited about anything. You can just follow me through the year and see what I am up to on my time here, on this blog.