About 2 months of WordPress.com

So, I switched from running my own Drupal site, managed over decades, lost more than once (because of hosts and their odd way of doing things). I switched over to here on WordPress.com.

Granted, I don’t get to look under the hood. But I don’t want to look under the hood.  I know what’s there and if I’m REALLY interested, I can download a copy and throw a fix at the project for something that bugs me. That’s pretty awesome.

Anyway – so almost 2 months. And I’ll tell you something…. though I am not the most predictable of writers on the Internet and haven’t amassed the large number of posts I made in the 90s and early 2000s, I can tell you that I feel like I’m writing more adequately just because I don’t have to consider doing anything else when I want to write something. Sure, I could write things offline, but we all have our own tics.

This site has begun doing what I intended it to do. Be an outlet for some of my creative writing while allowing me to be a user and understand what people actually want (rather than being lead to what other people think people want). It has kept me from furrowing my brow when I thought of the site.

It’s like a well worn pair of jeans you can’t throw away.

I’m not elated. I don’t get elated for jeans, either, for that manner. The requirements are actually pretty low for what I want a content management system to do for me – but amazingly difficult to find.

So on a scale of 1-10, I’ll give this a 7.

But on a ‘worn jeans’ scale, this site is a 9. I like comfortable jeans.

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