Coding For Fun.

Here I am, waiting for the errant landlord to show up at 7 a.m. when it’s now 8 a.m. (where is he? Who knows), to fix a breaker issue, when… suddenly… I think of something to code – not that I was looking anymore, but probably exactly because I wasn’t looking anymore.

It’s an exercise, I suppose – an idea – and following it up in Python is probably going to be more interesting than anything else you can do when stuck at home. In Trinidad and Tobago, if you have human dependencies, you’re pretty much stuck waiting on someone who is waiting on someone who is – well, you get the point.

And so – Python on Windows reinstalling; Anaconda of course (because you found this entry, I fully expect you can find Anaconda and the installation documentation).

Now, here’s the thing. Unlike when I was running my own company, and unlike when I was working for other companies, there’s no race. There’s no need for me to worry about whether or not a competitor will get to it in time, and whether they can do it better, or what have you.

And oddly, it allows me to leverage some pre-existing code I’d been working on. You’ll note I didn’t say re-use – that code reuse thing is a trap, much as using code from Stack Overflow can be for plug and pray ‘coders’.

Anyway, back to a little coding fun again after about a year without, nose firmly thumbed at corporate coding.


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