WordPress.com discontinuing Twitter Auto-Share

While I was scheduling a post for RealityFragments.com I noticed that the auto-tweet functionality was no longer being done by WordPress.com.

Of course I looked into it, not because I’m a fan of Twitter – I wasn’t before Musk took it over and began breaking everything – but because it is an avenue that at least some people I interact with check in at. The auto-share was often a way to let people know I was still alive.

Why is the auto-share being turned off on WordPress.com? Costs, of course.

“In early April, we experienced an unexpected suspension of our Twitter API access. This access is what powers Jetpack Social, which in turn helps you automatically share your blog posts to Twitter. Though the service was restored that same day, it turns out that there were bigger changes looming on the horizon. 

Twitter recently notified Automattic that it was dramatically changing the terms and pricing of the Twitter API. The cost increase is prohibitive for us to absorb without passing a significant price increase along to you, and we don’t see that as an option. We have attempted to negotiate a path forward, but haven’t been able to reach an agreement in time for Twitter’s May 1 cutoff. 

Given that, we have decided to discontinue using the Twitter API.”

Why Twitter Auto-Sharing Is Coming to an End“, WordPress.com Blog, accessed on April 19th, 2023.

It went on to suggest checking out Tumblr, so I dusted off the old Tumblr account – and content from both RealityFragments.com and KnowProSE.com should be showing up here now.

Having never really used Tumblr, I expect there will be a learning curve involved, so please pardon me while I break things.


2 thoughts on “WordPress.com discontinuing Twitter Auto-Share

  1. 🤔 Please correct me if I am wrong, Taran.

    Despite the auto-share between WordPress and Twitter being discontinued, isn’t it possible that WordPress users have the option of manually sharing the links to their WordPress blog on Twitter?

    I deleted my Twitter account years ago, so I am at a complete loss as to how things are carried out on Twitter today.

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    1. You’re absolutely right, manually doing it is still possible. It’s maybe even better, but I find Twitter a time-sink myself with getting caught up in the streams of unconsciousness that permeate that world.

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