Business Analysis (Technology)

Sometimes you need someone outside to come in and help your company find a solution – be it because of ownership issues or simply to gain a new perspective, KnowProSE Inc. is here.

Solve the right problem the right way instead of the wrong problem the right way.

KnowProSE Inc. specializes in business analysis as related to software development and software process. We identify business needs, eliciting requirements for software development, analyzing requirements, and determining potential solutions in a wide variety of information technology areas – and we document it all, from start to finish.

We use the information gathered for development, process improvement, organizational change; strategic planning and policy development and propose solutions based on market research, technologies available and overall cost of ownership.

  • Identifying, scoping and defining new solutions based on the business need in the context of your company’s ability to implement (budget, manpower, technology base).
  • Solution assessment and validation.
  • We may be able to implement, depending on the solution chosen.
  • We can easily embed in your process (Agile, DevOps, etc.).

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