Towel Day 2023.

It’s the 25th of May, 2023. If you froody people don’t know where your towels are, you’re not hip enough for your pelvis!

For those who don’t know what this is all about: Douglas Adams fans around the world celebrate Towel Day. It’s not really a holiday despite the great number of bureaucracies that have been created for no good reason, but we sort of do what we want.

Myself? Douglas Adams was one of the formative influences on me as a teenager. Aside from Douglas Adams being a great writer who can’t be supplanted by a large language model, I have found that there are stories within the stories that most people don’t figure out on their first read.

He was definitely ahead of his time, as a good science fiction writer is – but more, he was a satirist who is partly responsible for allowing challenge, and I hold him in the same regard as George Carlin, Richard Feynman and yes, of course, Monty Python’s mighty cast of writers and actors. Question things, point out if they don’t make sense.

I wish he had stuck around longer. We have good authors of their own style but no Douglas Adams, and he certainly shone a light on a world that doesn’t make sense.