Technical Writing

Documentation services at KnowProSE Inc. falls into two areas:

  • Legacy Technical Documentation
  • New Technical Documentation
  • Audit and Update Existing Documentation

Both of these services can include structuring the documentation if the client doesn’t already have a structure. Recommendations might be made on restructuring based on our experience.

Legacy Technical Documentation

This is the most difficult type of documentation, but fortunately we have our own tools for assisting with it. This is how we do it:

  • Receive all documents from the client, in whatever format that they may exist, and as disorganized as they may be.
  • We scan the files for viruses (for our protection and yours). If we find anything, we notify you so that you are aware that you have infected files.
  • In some cases, a snapshot of your source control (Git, SVN, etc) may be requested so that we can also index the related code files.
  • We use our custom automation tools to find words and phrases that are of importance for the legacy project(s), and we build our own skeleton documentation based on this.
  • We go over the skeleton documentation by hand, writing and editing as needed to flesh out the information available.
  • We contact your subject matter experts and flesh out things that may not be readily apparent.
  • We finalize the documentation and provide it in the format you need.

New Technical Documentation

  • We will need to embed in your process and document as parts of the overall project are done.

Audit and Update Existing Documentation

  • Review existing documentation against code, application/service, software testing and quality assurance results (and user experience interviews, as deemed appropriate);
  • Make suggestions on the existing documentation structures;
  • Update documentation as necessary.

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